Polyclinics ‘will harm trust in GPs’

Polyclinics and walk-in health centres are likely to undermine the relationship between GPs and their patients, researchers said yesterday.

The Government has launched a drive to introduce the clinics and centres. They offer a wider range of medical services than a traditional GP surgery but patients may see a different doctor each time.

After interviewing 243 patients, the researchers found that those who felt confident about receiving good follow-up care were more likely to trust their GP.

Patients were also more likely to trust their GP if the doctor has checked whether they had followed prevous treatment.

In their study, the Leicester University researchers concluded that the drive to introduce polyclinics and walk-in centres would cut the opportunities for doctors and patients to build trustine relationships.

One of the researchers, Carolyn Tarrant, said ‘I’m sure they will have various benefits for patients and GPs but they are bound to reduce continuity of care and our research shows that this may lead to s decline in patient trust.

‘If patient trust declines, then medical outcomes may be adversely affected’.

Daily Mail, 23 September 2008

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