Top 10 facts about your NHS General Practice.

  • At most practices, the doctors, nurses and other clinical staff see approximately 300 patients per doctor in your practice per week.
  • We deal with 9 out of 10 problems that you bring to the practice- only a minority of patients are referred for further care. This saves the NHS millions of pounds that can be used to treat more patients and decreases waiting lists. Much of the decrease in hospital waiting lists has been a result of more work being undertaken at your GP surgery such as diabetic and rheuatology care which all used to be done in hospitals.
  • This care is provided at the lowest cost per contact for any Health care professional. Compare this to the cost of just one patient attending the A&E department at £75 per attendance, one visit to a walk in centre costing £37 or one visit to an Out Patients Dept at around £150.
  • Most surgeries are now so well organised that the number of patients who use our services has increased almost threefold in the past few years.
  • Practice staff are now trained to provide services which were never available in practices before – this means less patients having to attend hospitals – think of the inconvenience and cost of having to attend the hospital for many problems that can be handled at present at your local general practice.
  • The time you spend per consultation with your GP has trebled since the NHS was created. We would like it to be even longer.
  • Your clinical care has been shown to have improved in many areas- not only did we achieve the high standards the government set for us, we actually exceed their expectation! We would challenge any other public service to match, let alone exceed the standard of care we provide for you- our patients.
  • You have the right to be registered with the GP of your choice in your area- contrast this with other services such as dental services.
  • We make sure that hospital letters for your care, prescription requests by yourself, results of your blood and other tests are checked by the doctors to ensure your safety and best care.
  • Our patients rate and value our services highly. 9 out of 10 of you said that you were very happy with the services provided by your local GP practice.


Thanks to Dr M Roshan of Leicester for the above.

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